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Drum One Shield

Drum One Shield Two Drum Shield

The Drum One Shield Two Drum Shield is just what you need for perfect and Good sound control. This Drum One Shield is made of Quality construction and Great durability. In addition, it also has the Excellent sound deflection characteristics. It come with 5 Plexiglas panels, each 5′ tall by 2′ wide are joined by sturdy continuous plastic hinges, set up and tear down easily for enhanced mic isolation. Engineered for excellent sound deflection, this shield holds up well to road wear and flying drumsticks. It weight about 65 pounds and comes with 90 day warranty.

Drum One 3-Panel Amp Shield

The Drum One Shield Three Amp Shield is just what you need for the best sound control. Place these Plexiglas “walls” in front of your guitar amps to block the sound from hitting the audience or recording room head-on. The Drum One Amp Shield is especially useful in applications where the amp is miked, since you can crank the amp without worrying about balancing the mix.